Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Nonagon Treehouse

I spent the weekend at Mountain View Air B&B building a canted wall nonagon yurt treehouse!  I worked with SunRay Kelley, Bonnie, Bob-O, and Tyler Smith.  This was such a fun project.  I spent one weekend helping assemble the walls for the kit, SunRay and his team did the rest during the week and last weekend we built the platform and erected the nonagon yurt.

You can see we are all loaded and ready to go with one treehouse to deliver! 

SunRay on the log joists getting ready for the 2x6 decking... 

Putting up the walls... 

Nonagon in a tree...   Be sure to check out mountain views air bnb for more photos! Thanks so much Tracy... and at the bottom are two timelapse films of our weekend...  enjoy! and let me know if you want a tree house! 

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